Citizen Pane (2023)


Every episode has one dialogue with two characters in one place. Two men share pro tips on how to boss around their staff without their own bosses. A cat casts a puzzled look at a couple breaking up and preparing to live apart and father ‘Seung-kil’ is worried about his soon-to-be-born grandkid’s birthplace, whereas his daughter ‘Yun-seo’ finds it out-date. ‘Namhui’ and ‘Deogyun’ in a marketing team write a sincere apology statement responding to some complaints about a copy which might imply misandrist expression. While ‘Jun’ in his twenties propose to ‘Ram’, which ends up with an unexpected reaction. A team member Ms. Jeong is reluctant to eat the leftover brought by her boss who tries to show his good faith for his new-year resolution’s sake. Pay attention to the six dialogues for beginners who should still learn a lot from the realities of how we rule out underdogs not only reasonably but smoothly.

Also known as: Maliya Bareun Maliji


Status: Ongoing

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Citizen Pane (2023) full episodes

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